Welcome to Metro Latino Magazine!
You will meet local Latino talent that as our own debut feature, Flo Hernandez, says are “in your own backyard.” These are success stories that deserve to be showcased in the grandest way and Metro Latino Magazine wants to be that  platform. Sabrina Love, our music correspondent, introduces you to up and coming local artists and DJs in our MUSIC SCENE pages. Our features include talent from all industries from business and community leaders to artists, designers and musicians. Be sure to check out our Ask Angie column in which she answers one of your relationship questions.
    We are very much aware of how big of a role the internet plays in each of our lives and therefore have committed ourselves to a big online presence on, Facebook, Twitter and our very own Blog. This gives us a broader radar to reach all of you and the ability for you to reach us at all times, and we do want to hear form you.
    We hope you find it packed with inspiration and motivation as you pursue your version of the dream. We are here for you and will insist on enhancing the print and online version of our publication allowing us to progress with each issue.
  For story ideas, suggestions, comments or questions, please email us at

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