Yones is taking International Pop to another level

Written by Dora Trillo

Where does a five-year-old Moroccan-born boy get his appreciation for good sound and music? Born in Casablanca, the industrial and economic heart of Morocco, Yones’ musical influence ranged from Prince and Sting to 2pac and Nirvana. He simply had the ear for “what sounded good”, he tell us. As a youngster, Yones was self-driven to follow his passion for music, and was even a club promoter by the time he was in high school.

Like so many others around the world, Yones saw the United States as a place where “no one will stop you” from reaching your goals. He moved to the U.S. to study and here he continued his pursuit of a career in the music industry.

Equipped with an innate confidence that had been fostered and fueled by his previous successes in Morocco, Yones reached out to and began writing and producing for notable artists in Orlando and Miami. He continued receiving accolades from trusted and experienced artists and collaborators who encouraged him to take his talent onto the center stage so he sought out talented vocal coaches and choreographers and changed course.

Yones describes his music style as “international pop with an urban twist” which usually includes two different languages at minimum – he speaks English, Spanish and French. It’s important to him that he keep changing directions as the trends do because as far as booming collaborations go, many times it’s not planned but instead, comes down to “being at the right place at the right time”. Yones keeps up with Internet radio from Miami, Los Angeles, and France to name a few and is always ready to “take it to another level”.

You can currently find Yones in the studio wrapping up the last phase of his new song with plans to have his self-titled album out by the end of this year.

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