Latinos ROCK


Written by Sabrina Love

Gabriel Morales began rockin’ the guitar at the age of 10 with the help of his blues guitarist teacher, David Leaser. Even though most people’s hands have to get comfortable with the instrument, it came naturally for Morales and immediately he knew he would form a lifetime bond with the guitar. Growing up exposed to his parents’ eclectic musical library — ranging from Mozart to Pantera — Morales brings to the table interest in classical music, heavy metal, hard rock, Chinese music, and Latin music. In 1999, Morales joined his first band, “Dielzubro,” releasing an EP through independent Texas label Plainview Records.  Although Morales enjoyed the performances and the bond with his fellow band members, the natural rocker didn’t take his musical talent for granted, and immediately following high school graduation took a break from the scene to attend the University of  North Texas.  There, he got involved in the South Indian Drum Ensemble, the Afro-Cuban Drum Ensemble, the Men’s Chorus, and the Classical Guitar program, with the intentions of diversifying his influences and opening his mind to the possibilities that he could bring to the Hard Rock/Metal scene.  After majoring in Classical Music, Morales didn’t stop there; he traveled halfway around the world to Taipei, Taiwan where he studied Chinese Music at the National Taiwan College of the Arts.

Today at the age of 32, Morales shares his talent with Les Thomason (drummer), Robert Reynolds (lead guitarist), DC Beard (vocals), and Chris U (bass), together as “The Crimson Veil”. This independent Hard Rock/Metal band debuted its self-titled album in May, 2011, breaking boundaries in their genre with the multicultural influences that each of them brings to better represent the wide demographic of people who actually listen to Rock.  You can see The Crimson Veil perform at several venues in DFW and experience the Rock of your life.

ONEONONE with Gabriel Morales

MLM: Future Projects?
Morales: I plan on touring again with “The Crimson Veil” and also becoming involved in commercial music. I am also doing a reunion show with my old band “Dielzubro” and I also have another project with a band called “Avert Your Eyes” which is featuring former members of the band “Devourment.”

MLM: Words of advice for our readers?
Morales: If I could give any advice it would be to stay true to yourself and never give up. I have seen so many of my peers who really enjoyed playing music and performing for others give up because they didn’t get that one golden opportunity. There is more to music than just “making it big” or “touring.” Music has a lasting effect on the people who engage themselves with the performance and this is something that should be appreciated, not ignored.

To connect with Gabriel Morales and The Crimson Veil Band visit or on Facebook.



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One Comment on “Latinos ROCK”

  1. Lisa Herrin
    January 7, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    You can find information on Gabriel Morales’s band here, I saw him on New Years Eve and it was an amazing show!/pages/The-Crimson-Veil/59432123652

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