Breaking Out of the Norm, Breaching the Barriers

Written by Daniella Granados

Born and raised in Dallas, TX and a first generation Mexican-American, I daresay I am about as ordinary as they come. But, my dream was never to be just ordinary. Growing up, I witnessed a lot of stereotypes about my ethnic group which not only were offensive, but worse than that- they seemed true. Blessed with parents who allowed me to follow my dreams, it saddened me to see that this was not true for everyone. Too often I saw members of my ethnic group oppressed and sometimes by their own family. I ventured out of the norm and made sure that my experiences were not just for my benefit but that they made an impact on the youth around me.

In a world where following your dreams is a key to happiness, I begin to see how the focus wasn’t being placed on young up-and-coming individuals. All the hardships and struggles they had to endure weren’t being brought to light.

No, this youth, however, had been shadowed, forgotten, dismissed. How could future generations of young people relate to anything that didn’t directly and positively influence them? There was a need for a voice, for someone to reach out and tell you, reader, that everything is possible. So here, is where my story involves you.
In every issue, my article will showcase a youth who is breaking out of the norm, and breaching all barriers to follow his/her intended dream. Also, I plan on giving you survival tips on how to go about pursuing your dreams and what to do after you’ve reached them. I want to give a voice to all the young people who think they can’t do it. Young people who think that we all have preset definitions of what we should be. At the risk of sounding like I’m living in the 90s, and to quote a certain En Vogue song, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”

I’m excited to join Metro Latino Magazine and bring all of my experiences, lessons, and more importantly, the youthful perspective into the mix. I hope we will be a unique team, dear reader, so hold on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The sky’s the limit. And any other clichéd phrases you can think of! Together we will show the world that young people are limitless and can overcome any obstacles. That young musicians, authors, artists, etc., should explore all their options and never settle.

Because when you settle, those impossible dreams not only become unreachable, but they become non-existent.

So, dear reader, shall we venture on? I promise you will be inspired, enlightened, informed and motivated!


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One Comment on “Breaking Out of the Norm, Breaching the Barriers”

  1. November 15, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Fabulous article! I’m looking forward to reading more. Can’t wait to see all that’s to come!

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