Make Way for the Funny Guy

Written by Dora Trillo

The day Florencio Hernandez, or Flo, as everyone in and out of Oak Cliff knows him, is to come out for the photo shoot with us, he calls with a special request. “Ay, make sure you guys have a first aid kit with plenty of bandaids on hand” he says in what I perceive to be a joking manner. I’m thinking this guy is seriously always “on”. It was funny. I laughed. It turns out he cut his hand while getting dressed to come meet us and he was having trouble controlling the bleeding. We could have seriously had to render aid. Luckily, he was alright. We were able to continue with the shoot and he didn’t get any blood on our cameras.

I caught his act at one of the local comedy clubs and found that the “fast paced and high-energy” self description for his routine is a complete and total understatement. Not only did his comedy include his own physical spasms on stage, but it literally had the entire audience moving. From belly laughing uncontrollably to high-fiving each other, hardly anyone was seen sitting still.

His visual description of how “huelita beats the kids to sleep” and his belt buckle grabbing impression of regional red necks ensures you won’t want to take your eyes off of him for fear of missing the funniest parts. These comical parodies based on multi-cultural characters are also what has him gaining a large similarly multi-cultural fan base. He’s known in part for his signature “Paleta Man”, “Garage Sale” and “Taco Salad” routines. It is through these raw stories that his laughs are delivered rather than the age-old stale punch line.

This Dallas native is moving up fast in the world of stand-up comedy.

Everyone is taking notice of “the hot young Latino comics” and he’s getting his recognition for sure. He’s performing at clubs and events across the U.S. and being compared by critics to the likes of George Lopez and the late Freddy Soto. He’s recently been called upon by Russell Simmons to join his upcoming Comedy Central half hour showcase. This comes after shooting Showtime’s Minority Report, which just aired this past summer (2010).

Flo credits comedian Paul Rodriguez as his main support but even as he works with comedians like Carlos Mencia, Bill Bellamy and Gabriel Iglesias, he wants to makes sure that local audiences are aware of not only his existence, but of other comics right here in “their own back yard”. He tells us there’s no need to depend on Hollywood for comic relief but that we should give our local guys a shot.

Metro Latino Magazine will certainly take his advice and will be on the look out for other local comic talent to share with you in the near future.


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