Twenty-six-year-old Jonathan Jimenez, or “Jon Jon,” as he is known in the music industry, was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and is on a fast track to success with his hit single “Can We Get Away.” The request lines on Dallas radio station KNON Energy blew up during its debut, leading to his first successful show in front of over 300 people this past December.

Jimenez, a father to a young son and the first to graduate high school from a family of four, did not always dream of being a solo artist. The sudden passion arose three years ago when he was selling CDs for a group of other artists named “Immortal Soldierz.”  Jimenez was inspired by the amount of effort they put into producing and writing their own creative music while in the studio. After staying behind the scenes for a few years, in 2009 he knew he was  ready to put his best foot forward and create his own music, with inspirations from Rap, Oldies, Tejano, and Rock. Unforgiven Records, a shared label by Immortal Soldierz, was impressed with his music and immediately signed him. With the knowledge he gained from his extensive music industry experience, Jimenez released his first single, “Can We Get Away,” whose sounds have been compared to those of MC Magic and Frankie Jay. Jon Jon’s music always comes in clean versions for all age groups, and can be found on iTunes, Zune, and through other digital music retailers. Future projects for the solo artist include a debut album, “New Beginnings,” featuring Renizance and Scotty Boy Sanchez (both from Immortal Soldierz), Josh Puebla, and Kyle Mason, which will be released in February, 2011.


When asked what distinguishes him and his music from other current artists in the industry, Jon Jon replied, “I rap about what I know and see and give my point of view of things, so as long as I stay real to myself about who I am, no one will be able to do ‘me’ better than myself.”

Jon Jon’s advice to MLM readers is to “never be afraid to be yourself. It’s better for people to hate you for who you really are than to love you for what you’re not. As a non-alcoholic drinker nor smoker I am presented with peer pressure as well as many other things on a daily basis, but I maintain who I want to be, which helps me live my life better.”

Jon Jon lives by the Albert Einstein quote, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

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